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What are njoy electronic cigarettes?



Njoy electronic cigarette is known as a new alternative to tobacco smoking which give the same feel as that of traditional cigarettes. This is able to provide the same pleasure and experience to the users of these smokeless cigarettes and the users do not receive any harmful effects of smoking which is the biggest advantage. Apart from these benefits, there are other advantages using Njoy electronic cigarette such as saving on money and they can use this product anywhere as they are legal.

It must be noted that smokeless electronic cigarettes are based on the modern micro-electronic technology and the starter kit consists of a rechargeable battery, nicotine cartridges which can be replaced and various flavors which a user can select from.


When you are using smokeless cigarettes, you will be able to satisfy your cravings for tobacco and cigarettes. These cigarettes can be considered as the best and healthier alternative. There are various reasons why people are using Njoy electronic cigarette as mentioned below:


·         One of the most important reasons is that users get the same sensation as that of the traditional cigarettes.

·         They are able to smoke Njoy electronic cigarette anywhere and anytime. These are legal products and users do not have to go to special smoking zones in order to satisfy their craving as in case of real smoking. They can enjoy the company of their friends and smoke at the same time.

·         There are no harmful effects on the people who are in your direct contact. These products do not give out harmful gases; hence the effects on the other people are negligible.

·         These cigarettes are non-flammable and easy to use and carry.

·         The price of Njoy smokeless cigarettes is quite lower than the price of traditional cigarettes.


Let us know take look at the ingredients of smokeless cigarettes. The cartridges contain primarily propylene glycol along with water, nicotine and flavors such as tobacco, strawberry and apple. These cigarettes do not contain tobacco which is considered to be most dangerous product for health and it produces cancer-causing gases when burnt. These smokeless cigarettes are considered to be clean product. This is the reason why people prefer these cigarettes.


Njoy smokeless cigarettes come in various styles such as colors including black, white, burgundy and silver. The size of these cigarettes is similar to that of traditional cigarettes. It must be noted that the smokeless cigarettes are considered as one of the products which are eco-friendly and do not leave any bad effects on people’s health and environment.


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